Outperforming the entire 2015 year gross meth seizure amount by 114kg in just one bust.

At 448 kilograms the methamphetamine seizure by Northland Police is estimated to be worth a staggering $NZ448 million. That’s a whopping $1 million per kg.

“This is without a doubt, the largest ever seizure of methamphetamine in New Zealand, and what is so great about this is that it’s not only the result of hard work by the Northland Police, but it’s the result of information we got from the community,” said superintendent Russell Le Prou.

Local residents became suspicious when three men began offering them wads of cash to help launch a boat from a remote Ninety Mile Beach.

In the last year, the neighbouring Australian population ranks as one of the highest users of ice in the world, with 2 per cent of the population using Methamphetamine in the last 12 months. America lagging behind with a low 0.5 per cent and Britain at around 1 per cent.

It seems the remoteness of Australia and the high prices attract international drug smugglers trying to cash in on the Australian methamphetamine value.

Meth Lab are now considered one of Australia’s biggest concerns with approximately 1000 meth labs found yearly. However with only a small proportion of labs being found, it’s estimated there are upto 10 times more labs currenlty setup in homes around Australia with a large portion being in rental properties.

DIY Home Meth Test Kits are a now available so home owners and landlords can test properties after a tenant or before signing a contract on a house. Result within 5mins, easy to use, a quick meth check could save you $50,000 + in meth lab clean up costs.

ICE PRICE: At $1 million per kg or $1000 per gram – Crystal Meth makes gold prices look cheap.