The use and production of Methamphetamine in Australia is increasingly becoming an issue, not only causing danger to users, but also to those exposed to the residue and chemicals which remain embedded in surfaces long after the contamination occurred.

Chemical residue from methamphetamine can remain in a home’s carpets, curtains, benches, brick walls, air-conditioners and even plaster walls. This residue can affect future residents causing significant health issues. Children are particularly susceptible to this contamination as they tend to interact with these surfaces more. Testing for these residues is an important step you can take to protect your family and your home.

Whilst there are some common indicators of Methamphetamine production or use, it is also common that contamination is present in a beautifully presented home. A DIY Meth Test Kit can provide peace of mind and potentially save you from the financial and health risks associated with owning or residing in a contaminated home.

If you suspect your home or rental property has been exposed to methamphetamines, either through their consumption or production – our quick and easy to use DIY Meth Testing Kits will give you the answers with a simple test in just 5 minutes.

When you purchase our Meth test kits you are provided with everything you require to conduct the test including:

  • Buffer Solution and dropper bottle
  • Detection cartridge and storage bag for disposal
  • Sterile swabs for the collection of samples
  • 100cm2 Surface Testing Template
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • A Link to a step by step Instructional video on our website

Our meth testing kits have been developed to allow for easy straightforward use by anyone who is concerned about Methamphetamine contamination. We also offer support over the phone; you are welcome to contact us call 1300 246 429 for testing support at any stage of the process.

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