As a landlord you may, from time to time across tenants who seems perfectly normal and respectful when they applied for a house or unit to lease, then as time went on the condition of the property worsened.

Over 60% of meth labs found in homes in Australia are discovered in rental properties. Did you know without a method of detection, you could be exposing the next family to toxic chemicals and leaving your landlord tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket for clean up cost and expensive lab testing. Worst of all for the landlord they don’t have any evidence to blame the tenant once another tenant has moved in.

Now there is a way to test for meth in all rental properties and get a result in 5 minutes – Positive or Negative.

We know the signs to look for when performing inspections that could help catch the perps before they vacate. Visit our FAQ page or use one of the links below. Meth labs are a massive problem in Australia and it’s your responsibility as a landlord to ensure all your properties are fit for habitation before you lease them out.