More than $1 billion worth of ICE has been seized by Australian authorities last week. The Australian Federal Police mentioned that it was the largest onshore seizure ever of meth.

The ICE has been found in vacuum sealed packages hidden in stereo speakers in a cargo shipment arriving from Bangkok to Melbourne, after an X-ray inspection revealed some anomalies.

About 1.6 tonnes of illicit drugs has been found, corresponding to about $1.2 billion of street value. An additional 37 kg of heroin has been found as well, worth $18.5m.

3 Suspects have been arrested, including two men, aged 37 and 38 and a woman, aged 37. They are now facing life in Prison at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

In 2017, 8 men were arrested after the AFP seized 1.2 tonnes of meth on a boat to Geraldton.

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