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Bunbury Meth Testing plays a vital role in the process of purchasing and leasing a property. Your health and financial position are at risk of being harmed by the effect of purchasing, renting or living in a property contaminated by meth residue. By providing our clients with professional and accountable meth testing services we assist all homeowners, real estate agents, government agencies and investors in all aspects of meth testing.

Bunbury Meth Testing Services

According to the latest figures from the National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program Report, Bunbury turned out to be Western Australias biggest consumers of meth. The report showed a consumption rate almost twice that of Perth, which adds up to be more than double the national average.

However, studies indicate only 10% of all meth labs are being found. Alarmingly, meth residue contaminated properties are just as likely, if not more likely, to be caused by occasional and habitual meth use. These figures indicate just how alarming and prevalent meth residue contamination is in Western Australia. As a result, testing your property for meth residue contamination in Bunbury before purchasing, leasing or renting has never been more important.

DIY Meth Test Kits

The DIY Meth Test Kits are a simple, easy-to-use and affordable way of detecting meth residue, saving our clients precious time and money. To ensure their properties are safe and free from meth contamination, a DIY Meth Testing Kit provides a discrete and fast result.

Professional Meth Testing Bunbury

Studies have revealed just how prevalent meth residue contamination is across Western Australia. If you suspect a property you’re interested in has been contaminated by meth residue, there are several ways to test this.

The easiest and quickest first step to take is doing an Instant Presumptive Meth Test which you can do yourself, saving time and money. This is an on-the-spot surface residue test that will give a positive or negative result within seconds.

However, if you already know the property is contaminated and you want to know how big the problem exactly is, we can have one of our professionals come over to do a Composite Meth Test. This way, up to 10 rooms can be sampled and analysed together.

This will give an accurate and fast reading of the average contamination level of your property.

Contact METH TESTING SOLUTIONS to help you decide which test is best for your particular situation.

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